Light green salad

If you are fan of the fresh and green iceberg salad you would love the below recipe. It is simple and perfect for a light dinner or as a side dish with BBQ. The salad dressing is one of my favorite as it is a mix of sweet and sour taste. I hope you will enjoy it.


-One medium size iceberg salad

-Two medium size tomatoes

– Shredded emental cheese

For the dressing:

– Olive oil

-Apple vinegar

– 1 table spoon of brown sugar (I used Moscavado)

– salt

-1 table spoon of mustard

-1 table spoon mayonnaise (optional)


Cut the salad and the tomato into a big bowl. Mix all the ingredients for the dressing in a separate bowl and add to the salad leafs. Use the emental cheese as a topping.

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