Orange jam with whiskey

The idea of this recipe came to me on a lazy afternoon while I was making crepes. Usually my favorites are with butter and sugar, but  this time I was craving for something interesting and new.  I prefer to cook with products which I have in my fridge and kitchen especially when I am too lazy for  grocery shopping at the weekends. Before starting with the recipe, I would draw your attention that the this recipe is easy and can be done by anyone and the results will be always great! So don`t be scared and go ahead. I made a quantity enough to fill one small jar but you can always multiply and store it for the next few days at the fridge.

You will need:

–  two average size oranges

– 150 g white sugar

-the orange zest of the two oranges

– 20 g whiskey

– 50 ml orange juice (I personally used mix from orange and carrots as this was in my fridge)

– a pinch of lemon salt

– a pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Peel the two oranges and keep the zest on a side. Cut the zest into fine strips.  Cut the oranges into small pieces and put them into a casserole along with the sugar, zest and the juice. Let the mix boil on medium fire until the liquid is reduced. Then it is the time to add the whiskey, cinnamon and lemon salt. Stir well and boil for another 7-10 mins. The time depends on the oranges and how juicy they are, so keep an eye on it. Once you have the right texture you can consider it ready.

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