Real home made pasta/lasagna sheets

Many of you have heard about homemade pasta, but perhaps not all of you tried it or made it themselves. Home made pasta is like nothing else. The taste cannot be compared with ready made pasta sold in supermarkets or served at restaurants. I promised to prepare this recipe for a friend of mine long time ago, and i think now its the time to post it.

Ingredients :

-200 g white flour

– 2 eggs

There is nothing special with the dough for the fresh pasta, just stir the flour and the eggs well. Let it rest for 10 minutes and it is ready. Separate the dough into four pieces, and pin them out using the pasta machine. Start with thick size(1) until it becomes thinner( like 6 or 7). You can use it immediately for cooking or leave it to dry for an hour and store it for later use. In the pictures I have made lasagna sheets.

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