Sweet milk with vermicelli

This recipe is for people who love milky based desserts. As usual the recipe is simple and the ingredients are limited so it can be easily prepared. I have used milk and vermicelli enough to fill 4 small brulee  bowls. You can always add nuts and dried fruits to it and adjust it to your taste.


– 500 ml full cream milk

– half package of vermicelli

– 150 g white sugar

– 1 egg+1 tablespoon corn starch (it can be replaced with 1 table spoon of custard powder)

– cashew nuts and dried fruits (optional)


Pour the milk in a large casserole along with the sugar. Stir slowly for 5 minutes. On a separate bowl whisk the egg and add it very slowly in a thin stream line to the hot milk. Stir well, but gently and add the corn starch. The mixture will became thick and smooth and this is the moment where you have to move it from the heat. In case you use the custard powder just follow the same steps but instead of the egg add one tablespoon of the powder to the milk and again stir well.

On a separate frying pan put the vermicelli and preheat the pan. It will start getting this golden brown color and this is the stage where you need to add it to the milky mixture (this is the moment where you can add the nuts and fruits as well). Boil together for another 3-4 minutes. Pour the ready dessert to dry bowls and let it cool. You can eat it hot, but I enjoyed it more after it was cooled in the fridge.

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