Toast with creamy feta cheese, rocca leaves and poached eggs…. or how I turn my breakfast into dinner


Lets make it very clear from the beginning- I dont like eggs. I stopped eating eggs when I was a child. There is no reason for it, it just happened. But yesterday I woke up with the idea of poached eggs. While I was drinking my morning coffee I opened the fridge several times and looked at the eggs. “But you dont like eggs?!”- I thought. I went to the office and it was very busy day as usual. I didnt eat breakfast and I skipped my lunch as well. For the time I was heading home- there were only one thing in my mind- Poached eggs! I reached home and I cooked the eggs. Poached eggs with soft feta cheese and fresh rocca leaves, between two toasts from whole grain bread. It was just how I imagine it!


– 2 eggs

– 4 toasts whole grain bread

– 2 tbsp butter

– 4 tbsp feta cheese

– rocca leaves

– salt

– 1 tbsp white vinegar


Boil around 500 ml of water and add the vinegar. Poach the eggs one by one. To be easy to cook the eggs, put them into the boiling water very gently and try to form them into a small ball by using a big spoon. To have soft yolk you need like 2 minutes. Leave the eggs on a side once they are ready. Preheat a big frying pan (or use a toaster) and bake from the both sides the toasts. Spread the butter and then the feta cheese on each toast. Add few rocca leaves and then place one egg on each toast. Season it with salt and put on the top the left toast.




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  1. gluadys says:

    I like the idea of turning breakfast into dinner.

  2. Simply tasty đŸ™‚

  3. My kind of food đŸ™‚

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