Barbecue ribs with potatoes and herbs


Before you decide that I am a vegetarian here it is a recipe for barbecue ribs. Fresh salads and vegetables is the main part of my daily meals, but I will never say no to a good roast beef or barbecue ribs. I bake the ribs into a oven, but if I was living in a  house and having a BBQ then definitely this would be my first choice. The recipe is easy as always and once you put everything into the oven for baking you can clean the house (NOT) or enjoy a glass of wine celebrating the end of a tough day.


– 1,200 g ribs

– 1,300 g potatoes

– 3 tbsp HP sauce

– 3 tbsp smoke BBQ sauce

– salt and black pepper

– 1 tsp savory

– 1 tsp sweet red pepper

– stalks fresh thyme

– oil for baking


Cut the ribs between the bones, but leave it attached together from one side. Rub the ribs with the two sauces, and spices. Place them into the baking tray. Cut the potatoes into halves and add to the ribs. Sprinkle with the spices and add oil. Preheat the oven to 9 gas and before baking add around 250 ml boiling water. Bake until ready and enjoy while it is still hot.



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  1. Oh I love barbecue ribs tooooo 🙂

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