Roasted chicken with garlic butter, lemon and thyme


My Sunday roasted chicken it turns to be a huge success! I cooked two chickens actually as we had guests for dinner and I was hoping that I can make something with the leftovers. Well there was no such! That really made me happy and everyone appreciate the good juicy chicken with a garnish of parsnips, carrots and celery. In addition I made mashed potatoes. I was hoping to have some home made french baguette on the table as well, but the time out a pressure on me and I will leave a door open for this recipe 🙂


For the chicken:

– 2 whole chickens – mine was about 1 kg each

– 2 lemons

– fresh thyme

– 1 bulb garlic

– 60 g softened butter

– salt, pepper and olive oil

For the baked vegetables:

– 2 sticks celery

– 4 big carrots

– 3 roots parsnips

– 1 bulb garlic

– salt and olive oil for seasoning


Preheat the oven to gas 9. Start with the preparation of the garlic butter. In a small bowl mix the butter, two chopped gloves of garlic and salt. Gently rub the butter between the skin and the chicken breast. Cut the two lemons on halves and separate the garlic without peeling it. Stuff the chicken with the lemons, garlic and theme. Cut all the vegetables into a sticks and place on a baking tray. Season with salt, pepper and some olive oil. Place the two birds on the bed of vegetables. Season the chicken with salt, pepper and olive oil. Reduce the heat to gas 6 and cook for around an hour.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Radina 🙂 Indeed easy to prepare and yummy lookin recipes.. Best, Antonio

    1. I hope you will have time to try it! 🙂

      1. Hello Radina:) Yep, will try it one day and let you know.. Have a great Friday!!

  2. Jae says:

    Is it bad that I want to eat that entire chicken by myself?

    1. Well my brother almost ate one whole chicken, so go ahead! ahahh

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