Slow cooked chicken with vegetables and mix of Arabic spices with garnish of cous cous and baked eggplants with sea salt


I wish I could have more time to cook. I wish I could have time during the day, so I can take the advantage of the day light and make some good photos! I currently work to achieve this two targets so fingers crossed and wish me luck 🙂 Last night I was inspired to prepare a dinner with Arabic flavor. The beauty of the Middle East is the variety of the spices you can find on the markets. During my first weeks here in Dubai I was spending hours just to observe what is in the near by mall. The stands with fruits and vegetables was so colorful, but at the same time so new for me that I felt like I was living on a different planet before.  And the spices…. Oh the spices! Hundreds of them, from North Africa, India and Asia. Yellow, orange, red, spicy, dried, fresh, everything you need, or you don`t need. And then is the time to try all this beauty in your kitchen. I love spicy food, so I enjoyed to try different curries from India and Thailand. I wasn`t brave enough to try cooking Arabic food myself. You need the right meat, the right combination of flavors and plenty of time. I started with the traditional Mezah (starters) like salads and dips. My family likes all of it. My brother became a huge fan of the eggplants because of the dips I made. Aside of the starters though, few times I cooked some slow cooked meat with veggies and you have my guarantee that it is really delicious. The recipe that I am presenting you today is for a slow cooked chicken with vegetables in reach tomato sauce with Arabic spices. To add some Moroccan twist I made cous cous as a garnish. And just because I love eggplants and I had some in my fridge I decided to baked them with sea salt. This recipe is not spicy, but feel free to add some red chili peppers if you feel to. For seasoning I used ready mix from nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and garlic. My advise is if you use this spices separate to be very careful with the quantity as you want to feel the taste of the veggies and just to have this Arabic note in the dish. Enjoy!


– One whole chicken cut on peaces

– 2 small zucchini

– 2 red onions

– 1 red bell pepper

– 4 gloves of garlic

– spring onion

– 200 g fresh mushrooms

– 2 carrots

– 5-6 small eggplants

– 3 tbsp sea salt

– handful parsley

– 1 cup cous cous

– 450 ml tomato puree

– 1 tsp sugar

– 1 tsp mix spices

– olive oil for cooking


Preheat the oven to gas 10. Place the eggplants into a baking tray and season with the sea salt. bake until they are cooked and soft. Boil the chicken with some salt for about 20 minutes. Cut all the vegetables and start cooking with 4 tbsp olive oil. Cook until softened. Add the spices and the chicken. Cook for another 30 minutes. Add the tomato puree with the sugar and 60 ml of  warm water. Reduce the heat and cook until the sauce reduce its water. Place the cous cous in a big bowl and add boiling water. Cover it for few minutes and add some more oil and salt. Serve the chicken stew on a bed of the cous cous and garnish with eggplants. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and enjoy.








4 thoughts on “Slow cooked chicken with vegetables and mix of Arabic spices with garnish of cous cous and baked eggplants with sea salt

  1. Hi Radina! Me too wish I could have time during the day to cook .. but not only to take advantage of the day light but to set free my fantasy, my inspiration …. thank you for your thoughts and this recipe.. bye bye 😉

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