Breaded sesame fish with sweet and sour spicy noodles


Buying groceries sometimes can turn into a madness. I often end up having all kind of meat and veggies in the fridge sitting there and patiently waiting for the right time and recipe. This was the case with a very nice fish fillet. Boneless and skinless ready to cook. I made a very quick batter, fried the fish and cook the spicy noodles at the same time. After few days I had a friend visiting and I made the same fish but coating it into balsamic sauce. If you are craving for some rich and spicy food give this recipe a try.


– 1 fish fillet, boneless and skinless (mine was approximately 500 g)

– 2 eggs

– 100 ml water

– salt and pepper

– white flour

– sesame seeds

For the noodles:

– 1 pack of noodles (choose your favorite)

– 2 tbs fish sauce

– 3 tbs soy sauce

– 2 tbs oyster sauce

–  2 tbs tomato puree

– 1 tsp sesame oil

– 2 tbs vegetable oil

– cayenne pepper (just a pinch)

– 1 tbs honey

– red chilli pepper (chopped)


Whisk the eggs adding the water. Mix the dry ingredients separate. Cut the fish into a nice fillets (approx. 150-200g each). Dip the fish into the egg and then into the flour mix. Fry into hot oil until golden. For the noodles all you need is to follow the preparation time as written on the package. Once boiled, drain them, preheat the oil and slightly fry with the ingredients from the list. Serve the fish with a soy sauce on a side and top with the chopped red chilli.



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