Sticky chicken glazed with balsamic sauce


I love food that can be eaten with hands only. Finger-liking chicken is the recipe I am presenting you today. It require some time, but skill wise is very easy. You can use wings, but in this recipe I used thighs as you can enjoy more of the crispy skin. Then you gently brush them with sweet balsamic sauce and the heat will help to absorb the flavors deep into the meat. I garnished with vegetables and noodles and to add some freshness I sprinkled lime juice. Craving some Asian flavor for dinner or friends gathering? Give this recipe a try!


– 1 kg fresh chicken thighs (you can substitute with wings or any other chicken parts)

– oil for frying

– 200ml balsamic vinegar

– 3 tbs ketchup

– 1 tbs brown sugar (white sugar will do the same job)

– pinch of salt

– sesame seeds for decoration


Preheat the oil and fry the chicken until you have nice golden color and crispy skin. I didn’t do any seasoning as the sauce will do its job later on. During that time you can prepare the balsamic sauce. In a hot pan mix the vinegar, ketchup, sugar and salt and stir gently until it gets thicker. Once the chicken is ready, brush the sauce all over. Make sure you do this part while the chicken is still hot so the sauce can soak into the meat. Top with sesame seeds and serve with your favorite noodles and freshly cut lime.



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