Biscuit cake with Bavarian cream, dried strawberries, walnuts and fig jam


Biscuit cakes  take me back to my childhood where I was watching my mom preparing it. I remember one kind of very thick and hard biscuits that every family was using for this cake. I am sure even today there are still on the market only for the purpose of homemade biscuit cake. The traditional recipe is lost somewhere in the old notes of our grandmothers. Every family has their own favorite. Every mom has her own recipe that her children will never forget. My favorite was with pink strawberry cream and walnuts. I was preparing the biscuits while mom was making the cream. Layer of biscuits then layer of cream and top with walnuts until you have the empty bowl of cream. You all have been kids, so you all know what happen to the bowl :p And then its time to wait to cool. And that`s the part we all hated! All this flavorful bliss has to cool down, so the cream can soak into the biscuits. You keep asking your mom if its ready every ten minutes until she say YES. You take the biggest piece you can have and enjoy the mouthwatering delicious cake.

The recipe that I am presenting you today is for one different biscuit cake. It has the thick Bavarian cream with light vanilla flavor. I couldn`t skip the strawberries so I decided to add dried ones. And my favorite walnuts and some figs from a homemade fig jam. Truthful bliss!


–  300 g tea biscuits – look for not very sweet ones, and as hard as possible

– 4 egg yolks

– 1 l milk

– vanilla

– 100 g white sugar

– 100 g white flour

– 50 g dried strawberries

– 100 g walnuts

– 100 g fig jam


Take few biscuits (3-4) and keep them aside. Whisk the egg yolks together with the sugar, vanilla, 50 ml milk and flour. Heat the the rest of the milk (do not boil it) and add the yolk mixture. Whisk gently until it thicken and set aside. Use any tray (but try to choose deeper one) and place one layer of biscuits. Top some strawberries, walnuts, and figs and add the cream. Repeat and finish with top layer of cream. Crash the biscuits that you kept and top the cake with it. Cool in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours. My advise is to keep it (if you can wait for that long) overnight 🙂

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