Beef with greens


Eating healthy doesn`t mean tasteless food. It doesn`t mean long time for cooking as well. This recipe is for quick and delicious beef with greens. I combined one of my favorite veggies and choose to keep the seasoning very simple. I like to keep the beans crunchy, but the baby corn well seared. I added an additional crunch by sprinkled sesame seeds.


– 500 g beef strips

– baby corn

– green beans

– spring onion

– broccoli

– 1 tbs ginger

– salt flakes, mixed pepper foe seasoning

– 2 tbs vegetable oil for cooking

– 1 tsp sesame oil


Preheat the two oils in a pan and start with sauteing the baby corn. Once you get nice sear add the broccoli and green beans. Season with salt flakes and pepper. In a different pan preheat 1 tbs oil and cook the meat with the ginger. Season again, but be careful as you already have salt in the greens. Cook for 10 minutes and then add the veggies plus the spring onion (keep it for last so it will keep its green vibrant color and fresh taste). Serve the dish with sprinkled sesame seeds.



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