Tart with blue cheese, pears and rosemary


If you like me love the combination of sweet and savory you can give a go to this recipe. I modified the original recipe of Sean Wilson (The Great Northern Cookbook) and made this tart more cheesy. In his recipe he use ready dough, but I made mine at home to make sure it`s additives free. You can always go and simplify it, but I can assure you that making of this dough is no longer than ten minutes preparation, plus 10 mins cooling. I tried to make the dough with melted butter and it worked so well! Enjoy the tart  right after baking, but it is hundreds of times better on the next day!


For the tart dough:

– 1 egg yolk

– 2 tbs cold water

– 2 cups all-purpose flour

– pinch of salt

– 8 tbs melted butter

For the filling :

– 150 g blue cheese

– 200 g cottage cheese

– 1 slightly beaten egg white

– salt and pepper

For the pears:

– 2 ripe pears

– 50 ml water

– 1 tbs brown sugar

– 1 tbs brandy (optional)

– green rosemary for finishing


Start with the making of the tart dough as it will take some time for cooling in the fridge. Simply mix all the ingredients, from  a ball , cover it with fresh foil and let it rest and cool for 10 mins in the fridge  (not freezer). Meanwhile you can mix together the ingredients for the cheesy filling and also keep in the fridge. Preheat a pan, cut the pears into beautiful slices and let them cook with the rest of the ingredients till golden color. Finally preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Use the dough to form beautiful foundation on your tart tray, pour the filling, arrange the pears on top and sprinkle fresh rosemary. Bake for 20-30 minutes and better serve chilled with a glass of dry white wine.

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