Frozen terrine with yellow cherries and pistachio


Feeling hot today? Get yourself ready for the heat and kick the 50 degrees outside like a boss 😀 This terrine is better than any ice cream as it doesn`t require machine or special equipment. It`s also eggs free meaning you can keep it in the fridge for almost unlimited time (OK, I know that no body is actually keeping ice cream for that long).

Overall the recipe is not difficult, it is however divided into few steps that consume time. Your patience will turn into a beautifully layered terrine, which trust me will impress your guests every time.

Back to the recipe I initially wanted to make the terrine with green walnuts marmalade. If you never tried it before you definitely look for it next time you do shopping. They sell it in Park and Shops around Dubai and it cost not more than 25 dhs. I was unlucky as they only have left with yellow cherries jam. Since I was determent to make the terrine I changed my initial recipe and the result turn great. For those like you that love desserts, but not the very sweet ones this can be the perfect recipe. Give it a try today!

Ingredients (for 8-10 servings)

For the blackberry marmalade:

– 1 cup fresh blackberries

– 1 cup crystal sugar

– 1 cup fresh orange juice

For the terrine:

– 1 cup whipping cream

– 1 cup cooking cream

– 1 cup sour cream

–  2 tbsp yogurt

– 100 g sugar

– 50 g pistachios

– 50 g dried cranberries

– 50-60 g yellow cherries marmalade


1. Mix the blackberries, sugar and orange juice and heat up until thick. Let it cool for 10 minutes

2. Cover your terrine mold with fresh foil and pour the blackberry marmalade. Let it freeze for 10-20 minutes

3. In a big bowl beat your whipping cream to soft peaks and add the cooking cream, sour cream, yogurt and sugar.

4. Take out your terrine and pour about half inch of the cream mix over the already frozen blackberries. Let it freeze again in the freezer.

5. Take out your terrine and sprinkle with pistachios, dried cranberries and yellow cherries. Cover with the rest of the cream mix and put it back for final freeze.

6. Before serving give it 5 mins time to rest so you can cut it into nice slices.



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  1. chef mimi says:

    At first I thought this was going to be a semifreddo, but obviously it’s not with no eggs! Tell me please, what do you consider cooking cream?

    1. By cooking cream I mean the one that can be used for sauces and pasta. Its either vegetable cream or from milk. It`s like the whipping cream but without any added sugar or vanilla flavor.

      1. chef mimi says:

        oh okay, so that would be our heavy or whipping cream. so by whipping cream do you mean already whipped cream? sorry, but different countries have such different products!

      2. haha that`s confusing indeed. For me whipping cream and heavy cream are different. SO by this cooking cream I mean the heavy cream. Basically the difference between them is almost none. In some places the whipping cream is sweet and flavored 🙂

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