I have seen churros everywhere in the food blogs. I never bother to make it or even to read a recipe. Until yesterday afternoon. After work. With no intention of cooking. With the intention to have salad for dinner. It didn`t happen as planned. Instead I saw churros on someones instagram account and decided to check recipes.

Churros is a proper street food treat. And it comes in all shapes and sizes. I made mine with simple piping bag, but for the next time I will try to be more creative and update you with more photos.

Surprisingly churros is also vegan food and also it didn`t take more than 10 mins to prepare it. It`s so simple and really delicious while still hot. Only this last four churros made it for the photo. We ate the rest literally right after they were ready.

Ingredients (for 10 churros)

– 1 cup water

– 1 tbsp sugar and extra 100g for dusting

– pinch of salt

– 2 tbsp oil and extra for frying

– 1 cup white flour

– 1 tbsp cinnamon


In a casserole mix water, 1 spoon sugar, 2 spoons oil and a pinch of salt. Bring to boil and take off the heat. Add 1 cup flour almost immediately and stir well. Place the ready dough into a piping bag and make the churros. Fry in a deep fryer until golden. Dust the churros with mix sugar and cinnamon and serve with jam, chocolate or honey.


6 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks Brendon 🙂

  1. chef mimi says:

    That is definitely spontaneous cooking!!! Churros for dinner – fabulous!!!

    1. No regrets afterwards though ahahha

  2. onechicbeat says:

    Great post, I used to live in Los Angeles. Churos were definitely a treat! Hopefully, I can try you recipe to make them just as good. Thank you!

    1. This recipe is foolproof! Give it a try and let me know 😊

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