Roasted red pepper hummus


In the light of my Ramadan recipes I can`t skip the all time favorite hummus. This time with a healthy twist. Adding roasted pepper gives the hummus smokey flavor and makes it a  great starter. The key for good hummus is to have fresh ingredients. Hummus must have smooth texture and zesty notes. I made mine for no time and ate it with flat bread and green salad.

Hummus is healthy and vegan as well!

Tip: Don`t skip the generous amount of good quality olive oil to top your hummus as this gives extra flavor and it`s great to dip your bread in.


– 1 can chickpea

– 2 red pepper

– 2 clove garlic

– 2 tbsp tahini

– juice from 2 lemons

– olive oil

– salt

– cumin (to taste)


1. Roast the pepper and remove the skin. Cut into big chunks

2. Mix all the ingredients and blend together until smooth.

3. Serve the hummus with extra olive oil




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  1. chef mimi says:

    Love this hummus!!! I’ve made it with paprika creme – have you ever heard of this product? It’s Hungarian, and it’s simply a puree of roasted peppers. Saves on a little work!

    1. I saw it on internet but couldn’t find it in the supermarkets nearby. I roasted my peppers on my gas stove and it was funny. The house smell delicious afterwards hahaha

      1. chef mimi says:

        My husband loves when I roast any kind of peppers! It’s better than incense!

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