Homemade sushi- step by step


I have a secret to share with you. I was a bit too much scared to try making sushi at home. I relate sushi with great effort and years of practice. I got a bit nervous as I wanted  to make sushi with respect to the Japanese traditions. I went to buy the best tuna and salmon available in Market and Platters and it was the best choice. The fish was brilliant and so delicious.

I am not sure if this recipe needs introduction as most people tried sushi before and loved it. In order to make it you would need to get yourself few things such as sushi mat, sushi rice, good wasabi and the most important- crazy sharp knife. I got mine from Tavola several weeks ago and it feels like I made an investment :D.

I tried to get as many photos as possible and hopefully they are clear enough so you can try it. I made tuna- avocado rolls, salmon hand rolls, and classic salmon sushi.

Ingredients- I live the quantity to you so you can have as many rolls you want:

– 2 cups sushi rice

– 1 tsp sugar

– 1 tbsp white vinegar

– Nori sheets

– Japanese mayo

– wasabi

– pickled ginger

– soy sauce

– tuna

– salmon

– avocado

– cucumber

– sesame seeds


1. Start with the sushi rice. Wash your rice few times until the water is clear. Boil the rice until ready and season with sugar and vinegar. Let it cool.

IMG_9654 (1)
The rice should be sticky and cool before you start making the rolls

2. Get your ingredients ready and your knife sharpen.

IMG_9655 (1)
Choose authentic and fresh ingredients for best results

3. See the steps for making two kinds of rolls

Cover your mat with clean foil so you can use it multiply times. Place a sheet of nori to get started
Spread the sticky rice and carefuly cover each corner of the sheet
Place sliced avocado
Add cucumber
Add Japanese mayo
Place slices of tuna
Roll carefully, but keep the mat firm
Use a bit pressure to form the rols
Your roll is ready
For even sliced rolls cut into two and then slice into the desire size

The ready rolls

4. For California style rolls :

Repeat the step with the rice and sprinkle some sesame seeds
Turn the sheet upside down and then add the tuna, avocado, cucumber and mayo
Roll as previously showed and cut the same way
For the hand rolls simply roll all the ingredients into Nori sheet. For the salmon sushi form the rice with your hands and cover with thin slice of fresh salmon.

5. Serve the sushi with wasabi, dark soy sauce and pickled ginger

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