Sliced bread with herbs


Reading my posts you probably already know how much I love baking. Nothing says “Home” better than  freshly baked bread. To master the good dough might take you few trials. This recipe is so much fun. Not only because is relevantly easy or because the smell of all the herbs will bring back your childhood memories, but because you don`t need to slice it once ready. Yes! Imagine you will have the perfect crust and soft heart and all that already sliced and ready to eat!

In my bread I used fresh and dry herbs, plus sumac that gives a bit zesty taste and black garlic. The black garlic is somehow cured garlic with balsamic vinegar and it can be found in Market and Platters. It tastes sweet rather than garlicky and it`s an interesting addition. You can add ingredients of your choice as the recipe is flexible.

Black garlic

I took photos every step of the way so you can see how exactly the magic is happening.

NOTE: The time for rising of the dough might vary. Since here is hot and humid I didn`t need more than 20 mins, but if your climate is different then give it at least an hour.


– 500 g white flour (sifted)

– 300 ml warm water

– 1 sachet dry yeast

– 1 tsp sugar

– 1 tsp salt

– olive oil

– handul parsley

–  1 tsp dry oregano

– 1 tbsp fresh rosemary

– 1 tsp sumac

– 3 cloves black garlic


Mix the yest with the water, sugar and salt. Let it rise as pictured
Sift the flour and add the yeast mix.
Form soft but elastic dough. Cover it with towel and let it rise.
Once the dough double its size it is ready for work.
IMG_9730 (1)
Chop the greens and mix with olive oil
You would need approx 5 tbsp for one loaf
Once the dough is ready, flour your station and spread the dough as pictured.
Spread the herbs mix and add the garlic
Cut into 5 even sections
Place each piece on each other
Cut into even sections
Place each piece with the edge on top. Let it rise again
Once the loaf double its size you can bake for 30-40 mins at 180 degrees.





13 thoughts on “Sliced bread with herbs

  1. I would try it if I was not a total disaster baking anything that involves flour 🙈 But I already imagine how perfectly it will fit with the creamy walnut french cheese that I’ve just bought 😋

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