48 hours in Singapore


To fall in love in this city is the easiest thing ever. I`ve been waiting for this trip for too long and when a business trip came up I was over the moon.

For those who know me is not a secret that I growth  love to Dubai from day one here. Living in the city for over three years now has  always been an adventure. There is no other place I can imagine my life…. Until I visited Singapore!

What a place! Singapore is an incredible mix of wild Equatorial nature and high skyscrapers. Since the government apply huge taxes on the cars there is almost no traffic on the roads. You can either use taxis (very cheap option), ride the metro or bus or just walk. I realized how lazy Dubai life made me as I walked almost  all the time in Singapore.

The city itself is not very big so you have an easy access to the financial districts, tourists destinations and shopping centers. The street food is available everywhere and it`s cheap and delicious. Singaporeans are kind and cheerful people.

Even dough I heard that Singapore is rather expensive I compared most of the goods and food with Dubai and it was relevantly cheap. I try to taste traditional food everywhere I go and it always tasted delicious and fresh.

Singapore is much more than its iconic five star hotel Marina Bay Sands. The city is a bright example of a newly formed country and a ruler determined to write its glorious history. Since the small country has no natural resources they turned it into an important financial hub. Since the population speaks Mandarin and English doing business with Europe and Asia has never been easier. Singapore is home of one of the biggest ports in the world which is great for the business, but unfortunately the sea water is highly polluted. However the place is green and tall palm trees and flowers grow everywhere.

The 48 hours spent there introduced me to a whole new world. A place that made me think to relocate and start my life there. We are now planning to go for the Formula 1 races in September. Until then I will miss this place.

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