The random start


I never read mum`s blogs. I just can`t stand the whole whining and stuff. There are millions of mum bloggers out there, writing about the struggles of being a mum, all the difficulties on the path of parenthood, all the sleepless nights and unwashed hair.

I do wash my hair regularly …. I always have. I do wear my skinny jeans and put make up every morning. Motherhood has been amazing and empowering in every aspect of my life. It`s not something you HAVE to do, you just do it… with love…every day. This might sound like a rant, but it isn`t. I am tired of reading about guilty mothers, or the real mothers. Tired of reading about the struggles- to breastfeed, to shower, to change nappies, to sleep, to eat, to go out, to cook. This is life, this will happen to you, every day, stop moaning and start living. This is what I am about (or at least trying).

And before you start rolling your eyes- no I am not a super mum with a unicorn child. I am a girl, just like you. Doing or saying stupid things (probably) all day long. I just find the balance and embrace the failure. Do I get tired- sure. I woke up at 5:50 am this morning and hated it. My nanny was late and my car tank was empty. Tough, but not the end of the world.

For the past one and a half year I became friends with some amazing mums. Most of them with great advises on breastfeeding and car seats. We have our little Whatsapp group and we are very active and  close. Yesterday three new babies were born in that group and I want to believe that these are three new friends to my daughter as well. I wish we get to go out together more often and hopefully the Dubai winter will be here soon allowing us to do so.

In this blog you won`t see posts about rough nights or baby poo. This blog is about raising my daughter and trying to turn her in the most amazing human being, here in Dubai.






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