To post or not to post?


My daughter`s first picture on social media was on when she was less than a day old. Having this little bundle of love in our hands, made us so proud. We wanted to shout “SHE IS HERE AND SHE IS AMAZING”. Considering the fact that she was born in 2016 shouting wasn`t the way to let people know you have an heir. You post pictures on social media instead. In fact we even create her very own Instagram account, thinking that people can decide whether they want to follow baby photos on their feed or not. We kept it private, for family and close friends. But getting along with motherhood and meeting new mums I realized not every one was keen to post their little ones on line.

Back home, the majority of people don`t even go out until the baby is 40 days old. I heard this is also a common practice in some Arabic and African countries. To me is just a picture. A funny face captured on camera that I found cute and wanted to share with grandmas and granddad back home. But for some people it is unauthorized exposure, since the child didn`t give her consent. Do I think this is a little bit of exaggeration – Yes. Do I judge people for doing it- No (I will judge you for giving your child junk food though!). Think of it as protecting your children from future embarrassment. How likely is they will enjoy their photos on the potty? Yes, I know it`s cute, but they will probably get embarrassed by everything when they get to their teenage years (including you). We forget that posting a picture on line is not like the old dusty photo album you have at your nanna`s house. Once a post is on line it will never be deleted or destroyed (I am looking at you my space!).

On the other side of the story are people like me. We post pictures of our children…A LOT. In fact I think I post something related to my daughter every day. Her cute outfit, smile, messy hair, breakfast, playing, sleeping… I told you it is a lot of sharing! I was once very annoyed when people were drowning my Facebook feed with their child`s face, but then I became a mother myself and stopped judging (only for the junk food). I am so proud of all the silly things she does, that I feel that urge to tell and show people about it. And sometimes I just look at her and she is cute and melting my heart, so I post that too. I am afraid of people unfollowing me, of course not, I am probably as annoying as it gets. But this won`t change they way I treat social media. You`ve heard all these things about do what makes you happy. Well posting pictures of my child does make me very happy. I even catch myself scrolling down my Instagram and memories just pop one after another.

We don`t have photo albums like we used to. We don`t bother printing most of the photos we take on our vacations. We do posts now. It`s easy and fast, but also free.

What`s your opinion about it?

Radina xoxo

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