12 things you don`t need for your newborn


I started my Must Have list with baby items when I was about half way in my pregnancy. As a first time mum I had no idea what is essential and what isn`t. I had friends who helped me a lot to go through it, but I later realized that I spent money for loads of stuff that I practically never used. Reading blogs of other mums was the key of organizing my shopping list. It was only later I figured that they are all paid to advertised these products, and most of them will turn into dust collectors. As a first time mum we get so existed with every purchase we make for the nursery or little baby wardrobe, that we don`t even think oh how impractical these items could be. My list below contains 12 of the items we never got to use. I hope it comes handy to mums out here struggling like I did.

  1. Changing table

I know you will probably immediately ask yourself “Why”? The truth is changing tables are usually nice and cosy, but very expensive piece of furniture. Now, the deal breaker here is- you get to use them for only three to four months. After your baby master the skill of turning back to tummy, the days of the high changing tables are over. It is just not safe to leave your child there even for a moment as it could lead to terrible consequences.

What to use instead: Buy the soft changing mats and change your baby on the bed (when is still super tiny) or on the floor after she learn how to turn.

    2. Nursing chair

We all have the image of mum and baby cosy seating on a rocking chair and breastfeed or read bed time stories. In reality you nurse your new born between 12-14 times in 24 hours. You nurse so often and everywhere that you don`t need to sit on that particular chair. You watch TV and nurse, eat and nurse, sleep and nurse (this happens!). I personally used my rocking chair couple of times. As of the bed time story reading my daughter will scatter books every way possible, so this romantic image is also just on TV.

What to use instead: Be comfortable to nurse everywhere. Make sure you have dim lights and soothing sounds (if it`s bed time). Wear nursing bra and easy to access clothes. Nursing can and will happened everywhere, you really don`t need a chair for it.

3. Bassinet/Moses basket

Another super cute item, that will cost you loads of money and will be used no more than 6 weeks! Yes it is true that new born babies should lay flat on their backs, but this is what their cot is for. I admit if you have the intention to go out a lot in the first weeks postpartum then you might want to get the bassinet seat for your pram. But in my experience we used that exactly 6 and a half weeks, before my daughter start crying as she couldn`t see well laying in it.

What to use instead: Lay your child in her cot for her naps, or make a cosy little space on the sofa next to you during the day. Using baby swing that goes flat is another useful idea.

4. Nappy bin

To my surprise this item exist and just because it has the word baby in it it cost a lot of money. Let me get this straight- used baby nappies stink! Not only the poopy ones, but all of them. The chemicals the manufacturers are suing to keep that cute baby bum soft and dry, have very strong and unpleasant smell. This bin in the room where your baby sleep is out of question.

What to use instead: Discard the used nappy in special little bags sold in the baby shops, tie a knot and throw it in the toilet bin.

5. Baby monitor

Before you give me another look, let me clarify. I am not against monitoring your child, I am against the BABY monitors. Still not clear? We spent over 1,200 dhs to get the latest baby monitor out there. It looked modern, it had cool app on your phone, it will show you the room temperature and had two displays. We though this can`t be any better. Little we knew! The perfect baby monitor worked exactly 6 months. Then the software stop working, the update was impossible, the displays won`t connect and that was the end of it. Warranty? Oh, yes of course I keep a piece of paper from the gazillion baby items I bought that month. Totally doomed.

What to use instead: Buy regular camera with reliable software from the nearest electronics shop. The good ones will come to around 400-500 dhs and have great app to install on your phone. We have ours working 24/7 for the past one year and never failed us.


6. Stroller organizer

I am not sure why is that even a thing. How many things you need to have with you when going out?! And why is your baby bag not enough for it? Overwhelmed prams can make the baby nervous and anxious.

What to use instead: Make sure you invest good money in your baby bag instead. They  will have enough storage compartments and little extras such as bottle warmer and changing pad.

7. Baby food processor

Have you noticed how many baby food processors you can buy second hand? This is because this is just another kitchen utensil you will barely use. Just think of all the little parts and bits to wash baby puree from. It takes loads of space to store as well, and to me it`s just an expensive and unnecessary item.

What to use instead: Hand blender. Simple and usually cheap, blends almost everything. I personally use mine for fruits, veggies, nuts and meat. The best part- easy to wash and store.

8. Nappy cream

As I was preparing for my daughter to arrive I got myself a big pack of nappy cream, just because I was told I will need it. I never used it. It`s sticky and hard to apply, plus it contains chemicals that I don`t want to expose my new born just yet.

What to use instead: Gentle baby oils after bath are just enough for the gentle baby skin. The disposable nappies are great these days and you can be sure the little baby bum is soft and dry. In case your baby develop baby rash I advice you go and check with your pediatrician as she will have the best suggestion how to treat it.

9.  Infant bath seat

So you got yourself a baby bath, but now the sales lady is suggesting this remarkable product to assist your infant child sit better in the bath? You can`t resist and here you are with your little baby in the baby bath trying t use this amazing product. But it appear it isn`t that amazing after all. It`s cold plastic that doesn`t support your child in any way, simply because their head is too weak for it. Event after your child is big enough it`s still not comfortable to use it as the baby will splash and move around.

What to use instead: Use your carrying hands. Support baby`s head when newborn and always be there for them when they learn to sit on their own.

10. Bath sponge

This item is by far the most dangerous item you can buy for a new born. The amount of bacteria that will accumulate inside just for few hours is just something to be aware about.

What to use instead: Use your hands and gently rub the baby shower gel to make a soapy foam.


11. Wash cloths/mitt

Absolutely the same story as the bath sponge. Wet wash cloth is heaven for bacteria. Not to mention that the soft child skin doesn`t require rubbing for at least few years.

What to use instead: Having every day bath will ensure baby skin is clean and protected.

12. Faucet cover

With its fancy look and bright colors you might get tempted to buy one faucet cover. But the truth is this item is as useless as any other in the list. It is not worth it to get more plastic in your life, specially the one that will be thrown away in few months when the baby start chew on it.

What to use instead: Just be aware of the metal faucet at all times when giving bath to your child.


Radina xoxo


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