Mum topics I refuse to debate


Mums around the world love to have an opinion. And say it loud. That`s the reason there are so many mum blogs and also the reason to start mine. We have opinions about almost every single aspect of raising our children. We agree and disagree, but we hardly change our minds. Why is that?! I think is because we trust our inner voice so much it`s nearly impossible to understand someone else`s point of view. At least not in anything concerning how to raise your child. Here is my view on some of the most debated topics circulating in every mum groups. I would like to hear if you agree or disagree with me.

  • Drinking during pregnancy. Many would say a glass of wine here and there won`t do any harm. But for me any sort of alcohol was taboo. I stopped drinking even tea and coffee as I couldn`t imagine something wrong might happen because of such weakness.


  • Dummy or no dummy. We could talk about this for days. But the truth is I could only see the benefits of soothing my daughter in such simple way. I am not buying any of the arguments against it, such as it`s bad for their teeth or it makes hard for them to self sooth.


  • Co-sleeping is a bad habit. I didn`t have any intention to do co-sleeping with our baby. She was happy in her crib for months. With the time she was waking up too early and we start taking her in our bed. We sleep better, so is she. End of story.


  • Homemade baby food vs. Store bought. For those who know me, my passion for cooking is no secret. I like fresh home made food for myself and this is what I feed my daughter. I also believe it`s much cheaper and faster to cook at home rather than buying jar food.


  • Cry it out. Hearing and reading how this method helped children going to bed on their own sound like a dream for most mums. My daughter will always fall asleep with us on the sofa, when we watch TV or just relax. We tried the cry it out method few times, but it doesn`t seem to work. I also can`t stand listening to my darling child crying for long periods of time.


  • C-section vs. normal. I always thought giving birth is the most natural thing to happen to a woman. How wrong I was. Giving birth is difficult and it doesn`t always happen like you planned. I had c-section after 16 hours of inducing and labor. It was the hardest decision I had to take. I was later shamed on few occasions from some mums for choosing the easy way (yeah, right it was sooo easy!). Be smart and respect every person`s choice. We only want the best for us and our babies.


  • To vaccinate or not. We live in a country with more than 200 nations. The diversity of cultures is as big as the diversity of potential exotic viruses. I do vaccinate my daughter and my mind is peace.


  • Living with baby and having a pet. My whole life I had cats and dogs around me. I love animals so much I even study veterinary medicine. Pets are not just animals they are our friends and having them around our children teach them kindness and love.


  • Breast is the best. I chose to breastfeed my daughter. It wans`t always easy, specially after I had to go to work and pump religiously every three hours. But I liked the idea of providing the ulitame food for my baby and it was the best time to bond and be just two of us.


  • Pierced ears. I had my ears pierced when i was just one year old. It was the customs of my time. But I don`t like to see any jewelry on babies. It just doesn`t look right to me. I will let my daughter to decide when she want them to be done.


  • Taking baby in public. Going out on a nice day for an hour or so was what we did days after the delivery. My daughter was so peaceful, wrapped in her cosy blanket. We had family lunch and a quick stroll around.

Every opinion matters. You have the right to agree or disagree. But please don`t shame other mums for their choices no matter what. Stay on the right track and keep angry comments for yourself.

Radina xoxo

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