I just did this thing for the first time in my life!


Have you thought of the things you do on a daily basis? Drinking coffee, going to work, preparing dinner. Now think of all the things you do on a monthly basis- visiting the hairdresser, paying your bills, going to the spa. And now think of the things you do every six months- visiting your gynecologist, calling for AC maintenance, traveling somewhere far. What I did today wassomething I do for the very first time in my life. I checked my breasts. It is October, the pink month, but we forget what this is all about- health. I am 29, but already have a child and breastfed for almost a year. I decided that this is a good time to start.

breast cancer awareness

On my appointment with my gynecologist I asked whether she can recommend a place to go. She immediately wrote a prescription at the same hospital she works (I like how convenient Dubai health is). My appointment with the radiologist was for few days later. I went on time and the nurse helped me changing my clothes into a hospital gown. The radiologist was with me after some time. She asked few routine questions, such as “How old I am” and “Do you have family history of breast cancer”. The exam was gentle and it took no more than ten minutes. Everything appear normal and I was ready to go. The radiologist suggested that every woman should check her breasts at least once a year (why not starting this month). The recommended age is between 30 and 35 years old. I believe you already know how many lives, early diagnostic can save, so go and take your appointment today.

Radina xoxo

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