11 Signs you are a real Dubai mum


Living in Dubai for more than five years has certainly change the way I think. Being a mum of a Dubai born child has thought me many random things (some of them hilarious). Dubai mums are a special breed of mums. We have a life style that most people would envy at first. But we are also faced with challenges like no other. You might call us spoiled, but here it`s just called living an expat life. I tried to put together some of the sings of an expat mum in Dubai. Do you agree?

  • You hate summer. As much as attractive as this season sounds to most people, Dubai mums will fear its approaching. The high temperatures mean less to none outdoor activities and more money to spend on indoor play areas.
  • Get excited by Ella`s kitchen pouches promotion. Back home they might cost a pound or two, but as Dubai expat you pay at least double the retail price. A real Dubai mum will always keep an eye for a promotion in Carrefour and share it with as many other mums possible.
  • You have a nanny. It is sometime hard to explain to fellow mums back home that you don`t have to be a celebrity to have your very own nanny.
  • You have been to Al Qudra lakes at least once. This newly man made lakes are getting so popular that almost every mum has been there with her little ones to feed the ducks or have picnic on the weekends.
  • The staff in Dubai Mall Underwater zoo know you by your first name. And so does Miracle garden and Green Planet. You go to these places when you have nothing planned for the weekend or you have a visitor or just because they run promotions of their tickets.
  • You own an Entertainer app or book. This product has proven itself among every mum. It`s always great to buy one and get the second for free.


  • All you mum friends have bilingual children. The diversity of cultures and nationalities in Dubai is almost incomparable. Kids often have to learn the language of their mum, dad and speak English in public and at school.
  • The unspoken competition of who`s pool is better is real. Having swimming pool in your garden or community is a regular thing in Dubai. Shade, size and location are  always on the table when you have to go to a pool play date.
  • You are always on time for… Baby Bazaar. All mums get excited when Baby Bazaar date approaches. Buying and selling baby gear, toys and clothes is always a good reason to wake up early and be there at the opening.
  • IKEA on Friday. Because how can you beat a good trip to IKEA?
  • You are a member of at least one Whatsapp and three Facebook mum groups. This isn`t exactly a research data I am referring to, but I am sure I got the numbers right.

Radina xoxo

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  1. Neli Marinova says:

    Radi, I am not a Dubai mum, but I really enjoyed your writings on the topic. I believe if I were to raise my children there, I would score 11/11 on your list 😉

    1. I am sure you would! Dubai life is easy 😀

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