DIY envelope cushion cover 


Sewing cushion covers is probably one of the best beginners project if you just started sewing. It helps you practice sewing a straight line, it`s quick to make and the result is very satisfying. 

The fabric I prefer using is non stretch cotton, slightly thicker, yet soft. If you are looking for a affordable fabrics for beginners projects I can recommend visiting IKEA. For this project you will need around 1 meter of fabric and coordinating thread. I am using normal straight seem and 1/2 inch seem allowance.

Envelope cushion cover step by step:


  1. Measure the length of your cushion as shown. Mine is 18 inches and all the measurements will apply for this sizeimg_8455
  2.  Cut a square of fabric with 18 inches sides. I like my cushion to be more snuggled so I keep the cover the same size.


3. Cut two pieces  of fabric with sizes 18 x 10 inches


4. Press on one side of the small cuts of fabric for about 1/8 of an inch


5. Fold again and press one more time


6. You will now how the two pieces of fabrics looking like this


6. Sew over using the straight stitch


8. This is how the two pieces will look from both sides


9. Take the square fabric piece and put the two smaller pieces with the right side together


10. It has to look like this


11. Secure with pins in all four sides and sew with straight stitch


12. Cut the edges using the edger scissors


13. Turn with the right side out and press. There is nothing that says handmade (not in good way) like the raw edges.


14. The cushion is ready and the back envelope opening will look like this


15. The cover is now ready to be stuffed 🙂


Radina xoxo





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