What to pack in your hospital bag. Free printable Check list


Congratulations! You`ve made it almost to the end of your pregnancy. Now when the time is near, you might want to get your hospital bag ready. The size and items in your bag might vary depending on where the birth will take place. Some hospitals with smaller budget are less equipped than other, some are providing almost everything you would need but for a hefty price, and for some is just as part of their birth package. My advice is to speak ahead with your midwife or doctor as they will be able to guide you. You can also download a printable version of my check list HERE

I divided the items in three groups: Mum, dad and baby. Once packed you can keep the bag in the car to avoid forgetting it at home (it might happen). To get full peace of mind I also recommend installing the infant car seat in your car beforehand.

My Plan

For mum:

  1. Plus size pyjama- For Poppy`s birth I used the one provided by the hospital. It was made of cotton, soft and light. If you want to take your own make sure you get it a size extra, stick to natural material and let it be with easy access for breastfeeding as you will have to undress almost every hour to do so.
  2. Slippers- Most hospitals will provide you with it, however if you are bringing your own, make sure they are big and extra comfy. Also look for a non slip sole to avoid accidents.
  3. Socks- Choose big and fluffy socks to avoid cold feet as some hospitals might keep low temperatures in the rooms.
  4. Lip balm- Dry air with combination of long labor can lead to dry and patchy lips. void discomfort and bring small lip balm of Vaseline.
  5. A hairband- Long messy hair is the last thing you want
  6. Mini size toiletries- Avoid carrying extra luggage and check if the hospital will provide you with the basics- toothbrush, shampoo and soap. If not then get yours, preferably in small travel sizes.
  7. Maternity pads, breast pads and disposable knickers also might be available at the hospital. Double check and bring your if necessary. make sure you have enough for your entire stay (big boxes preferable)
  8. Maternity bra- stick to soft and easy to access bra. preferably one size bigger than what you are wearing now. Comfort id the key here so choose the natural materials and forget the lace and embroidery. The first days of breastfeeding will be very challenging and painful.
  9. Nipple cream- it will be your best friend for the first week after baby`s arrival. Apply all the time as frequent as possible to avoid nipples bleeding and cracking.
  10. Going home clothes- You might want to get some pictures that will forever keep the moment of bringing your little cherub home. Choose nice clean outfit in bright colors and loads of space around the waist. I opted for a dress and flat sandals.

For daddy

  1. Change of clothes- if he decide to stay with you for the whole time he might want to take a shower and change his clothes as well
  2. Phone charger- let him be in charge of taking care of phones and chargers
  3. Toothbrush – if he stays with you and the baby overnight
  4. Enough money in cash- so he can go to the nearby cafe and get you warm drink or a small bite.
  5. Documents- Let daddy be in charge of bringing passport copies and ID cards plus the attested marriage certificate.

For baby

  1. Soft baby blanket – the first days of her life she would need to be snuggled in her blanket. Make sure it`s been washed and ironed
  2. Nappies size 0- most hospitals will provide them, so ask in advance
  3. Clothes- 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of mittens, 1 hat, 3 baby bodies, 3 baby grows
  4. Going home outfit- long sleeves baby grows are the best
  5. Baby bottles and breast pump- you might not need them that soon, but is a good back up and I personally used it. Stick to the small bottles size 120 ml as the baby will only eat very small amount in her first days.

Radina xoxo

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