Poppy and mummy`s review on Dyson Supersonic

IMG-8543Poppy`s review:

I like Dyson Supersonic as the box is easy to open if you have little hands like mine. Once open there are so many accessories to play with. Of course I set my eyes on the big hairdryer first as it has buttons on it and a cord. I like buttons. I like them so much that when I press them I go “Vuuuuum”. I then press all the buttons, but nothing happened so I go to the next items. There are these two things that mummy called nozzles (what a funny word), I tried them, but they are not tasty and are also hard to chew. I will go back and play with the hairdryer. I wish I dry my hair right now, or I least I have more hair to dry. I like Dyson Supersonic- it`s fun.


​Mummy`s review:

A girl needs a good hairdryer. In fact most women are super conscious about their hair and the hundreds of thousand beauty salons out there will prove my point. I am not sure if we can categorize women in two types- the ones who will take care of their hair almost on a daily basis and the ones who will just go as “woke up like this”. In my life I was both. When I was younger I will not only carefully investigate all the natural ingredients and home made masks, but spend good amount of cash on the branded names sold in the salons. These days I am more of the second type. I start finding natural hair care taking too much time and I am not a fan of walking with coconut oil hair for hours. After having a child I got to treasure shower time more, and washing my hair is usually happening at night when my husband is home. I started dreaming of this product that will make my hair shiny and sleek, but will also only takes 15 minutes every couple of days to do so. You might think that simply doesn`t exist. But it does. And it is the most fascinating product I ever got in my hands. For my birthday in July I decided to go ahead and buy the new Dyson hairdryer. And oh, boy what a purchase!


Lets start with the box. Dyson is neatly snuggled in his box together with the few amazing accessories it comes. You have the hairdryer, non slip mat, two sleek nozzles and one for curly hair. The cord is quite long so you can reach your mirror anywhere in the room.

Picking up the dryer you immediately feel the difference between this and other hairdryers. It`s not only lighter, but it`s also so well balanced it`s almost a pleasure to hold. Once you turn it on you know why is all the attention to this product all about. Dyson Supersonic is so ridiculously powerful that can put every other hairdryer in his little pocket. You start drying your hair and in couple of minutes is already just damp. This is where I usually change the nozzle to the sleek one and start styling until its completely dry and straight. Note that I have absolute zero skills in styling my hair. I also don`t even have professional brush to do it. I am using my all time favorite detangling  brush and that`s all. In about ten minutes my hair is dry and straight. I then give it one last blast with the cold air to fix the result (I was told this by the hair consultant at Dyson shop in Dubai mall). And you are ready. My long frizzy hair is now shiny, sleek and just beautiful. Apparently the technology is also anti damaging to the hair cuticles, but this is not hard to believe as a regular dry will take me around 45 minutes, where with Dyson the time is down to only 15 minutes.

I am not going to give you tech information on the product, because I don`t understand most of it myself. One cool feature though is that a test has been made and apparently you can drop Dyson Supersonic 1700 times before it brakes. I find this fascinating, but I also have 1697 left since Poppy dropped it playing with it. On the budged side this product is very pricey. It is sold for 1500 dhs (400$) in their official store in Dubai mall. I want to think of it as an investment and hope that Poppy can use it for the years to come. Like Dyson vacuum cleaners, they usually resist the time and families are using them for generations!

Bottom line is I would totally recommend this product to anyone out there. Whether you are crazy about your hair, whether you are busy mum with limited me time, Dyson Supersonic is definitely here to make a change in your life for good.

Radina xoxo

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  1. marinovan says:

    I am just awed with this hairdryer. It’s just a matter of time to brace myself with the amount of money I need to spend (which I totally think is worth) and buy it! 😉

    1. It took me long time before I decided to spend this much, but totally worth every dirham !

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