The best thing to teach your child


Being a mum has its challenges. For the first year of my daughter`s life I was so determent  to give her the best food, best clothes and best toys. I was raising her from one small bundle to a little toddler. She turned 19 months yesterday and I want to mark this with a simple post about teaching your child kindness. As soon as my daughter turned one I was stumbled by the fact she wasn`t my little baby anymore. She was now walking, talking and eating all by herself. I realized I need to take care of her becoming a human. I sat and think of the best qualities you can give to your child. Kindness, care, confidence were on the top of my list. But how you grow the seeds of these in your child? Is there a formula to follow, or even instructions? Unfortunately not. The thing is, they will become what they see. And they see hundreds of things every day. Our gestures, faces, words and opinions will soon become theirs. Then I thought of myself as a person. I sure have many things to work on, but how to avoid them becoming bad habits for my daughter? You see my growing questions marks? An independent toddler is often hard to handle, almost nerve racking. But giving her a simple warm hug showed me how big the impact of it can be. When Poppy was just over a year old she started her little tantrums and I soon realized that if I give her a hug instead of shouting, why this is not allowed, she acts better. A hug is a simple act of kindness and it`s the seed you need to plant in your child today. A hug can be your way of telling a child that doesn`t speak- I am here for you, even if you are naughty. In a world full of people too busy to make money, the ones with kindness in their hearts will stand out. Providing warmth and care for your child doesn`t necessarily means you will make them dependent on you. It means you are teaching them how to spread the good in life. To help and understand people. To look around and be aware of others and their emotions. To make them better people. A simple act of love such as hug can do so much. Teaching your child kindness could be at the same time very hard work and the easiest thing to do. Showing and speaking with kindness to others will be translated to your child`s brain as the thing to do. Of course we can`t be perfect all the time, but we can try and be kind most of the time. Raising an independent toddler can be hard work, but you can make great deal of. Teach your child  kindness!

Happy 19 months, my dear, Poppy xxxx


Radina xoxo

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