The big checklist for the new mums to be


Shopping and preparing for your baby`s arrival can be so overwhelming. I remember myself making checklists when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. Some of us just like to be prepared…a lot more in advance. Along with speaking with friends I checked countless websites and got the best of it (in my opinion). I found many things that are always advertised as a must haves that you don`t actually need. Check my full article about it.

If you are ready to trust me (I hope you do) you can find the full list of items you would need. I organized them in different groups to make it easy to find and look. My advise is not to wait buying all the things you need at the very last days as you will be very tired and heavy. I think 32-34 weeks is reasonable time to start getting your baby gear ready.

You can also get the printable version of the list HERE

Baby gear- This is the time to invest good money as the safety and comfort of your child are crucial

  • Infant car seat- some car seats start from 0 to 12 months old, other start from 0 to 4 years old. I personally bought both and used the smaller one for good one year. I promise you, if you have a tiny baby (like mine) the latter car seat it`s just too big and I personally don`t like the idea of putting my newborn in it.
  • Toddler car seat- usually you would need it after your child is between 10-13 kg. Choose the one that can rotate 360 degrees, so you can be ready to switch from rear to front seating when the time is ready.
  • Pram- For my daughter I chose beautiful pram from Mamas and Papas. The model is Urbo 2 and it was a limited edition Liberty print. I absolutely love this pram for few reasons:
    – it is light and easy to unfold even if you have baby in one hand (and you will have it most of the time)

– the print I chose is equally good for baby boy and a girl so investing in this pram means I will use it with my second child

– it  is extremely robust and strong- never had problems with broken parts or liner

– easy to adjust the size and fold perfectly well together, so you can fit it in the smallest car boot

– the wheels are just the right size when strolling around the shops and between the narrow isles


  • Nappy/ Pram bag – if you opt for the Mamas and Papas pram like me, they usually have the perfect bag for you to match. This bag will be with you every day and every where, so keep it stylish and well organized
  • Bottle bag- an essential for the first months of baby`s life. Keeps expressed milk warm and you will have nothing to worry when strolling around the malls
  • Changing pad- choose thin and easy to wash pad that you will always keep in your nappy bag
  • Baby bouncer- from the most simple to the high tech ones, this little gadget is perfect to sooth your baby and great for the constant naps she will have as a new born.
  • Carrier- I will be honest with you- I used mine only twice! But if you are to go out often without your husband you might want to get one. It can be a massive help when doing grocery shopping with the new born. Opt for simple and not very complicated one. Always try to do it by yourself in the shop.

Nursery- Less is more when it comes to baby`s room. Babies, like adults, sleep better in clean and quiet room. Don`t overwhelm the space with bags, toys and different lights. Keep it serene and even basic.

  • Crib- choose natural material crib such as wood
  • Mattress- opt for the right size mattress for the prefect fit
  • Mattress pad- important item to keep the mattress protected
  • Crib sheet- opt for natural materials
  • Crib mobile- once the baby can see the world will open to them and they will love to gaze into colorful animals. Remove it once the child is big enough to grab it as it might be a hazard
  • Changing mat- opt for easy to clean material and good size that will fit bigger kids. Once the baby is able to turn around start changing him on the floor to avoid accidents
  • Blankets- opt for natural materials.
  • Swaddle blankets-  keep the baby comfortable and safe for the first weeks of their life
  • Sleeping bag- make sure it`s not too tight around the neck area
  • Night light- complete darkness might be too scary for the baby, so choose dim light for the sleeping hours

Bath time- make bath time a fun time. Bath time is part of the night time routine of my daughter since the day she is born. Give this privilege to daddy and let them have their bonding time while you are preparing for dinner.

  • Hooded towel- opt for natural materials such as cotton or bamboo. When my daughter was born I used double layer of muslin and her towel to protect her skin from the rough touch of the fabrics
  • Infant bath- you don`t need anything fancy, just small plastic bath. As soon as the child is big enough to sit you can start bathing her in the big bath.
  • Wet wipes- for the quick nappy change
  • Vanity set- thermometer, comb, brush, nail clipper are essentials to keep your child clean and pretty
  • Baby cosmetics- when bathing a new born try to avoid harsh cosmetics as much as possible. Keep it simple with baby shampoo and massage oil for after bath. Baby`s gentle skin is perfect as it is.
  • Nappies- coming home from the hospital you would need at least one bag nappies with size 0

Detergents and others- natural should be the key word when taking care of your new born. Harsh detergents or products can lead to skin problems

  • Baby clothes detergent- I recommend washing baby clothes separate from yours and using special gentle detergent for it. Ironing baby clothes after washing not only make your child looks better, but also kills germs.
  • Baby monitor
  • Outlet caps- once your child is on the move you need to cover the electricity outlets for her safety
  • Baby gates- keep your child away from hazardous places such as staircases or the kitchen

Feeding time- whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed your child you will need these items to make your life easier.

  • Baby bottles- you will need small ones from 120 ml for the first months of baby`s​ life and bigger up to 340 ml later. I like the plastic bottles better than the glass as I just don`t think glass around baby is safe to handle
  • Bottle brush- to reach the curves of the bottles.
  • Sterilizer- don`t skip this item as you will sterilize most of the day until your child is 6 moths old. I like the fully automatic sterilizer that just need little bit of water to add.
  • Bottle warmer- to help you get through the night feeds easier
  • Breast pump- good quality electric pump is a must have. Pumping helps to reduce breast pain, clogged milk duct and of course keeping up with the milk supply at work.
  • Breast milk freezer bags- you can keep your milk for up to 6 months in the freezer
  • Dummies (pacifier)- if you (like me) are a fan of the idea of your baby using a dummy then get at least 2-4, newborn sizes
  • Bibs- opt for soft and natural materials

Clothes start up- when buying baby clothes comfort is the key. Natural materials make baby feel cosy and don`t irritate his gentle skin. The list below includes only the very basic to start. Don`t go crazy with clothes in newborn sizes as they will be small in no time 🙂

  • Baby bodies with long sleeve- at least 10 size 0-3 months old
  • Sleeveless baby bodies- at least 10 size 0-3 months old
  • Baby grows- at least 10 size 0-3 months old
  • Mitts- at least 4
  • Hats- at least 4
  • Baby socks- at least 5

Tummy time and play- these essentials will help your new born to master his motor skills and grown healthy and active child

  • Rattles- because babies loves everything that make loud noises
  • Teethers- to help him sooth his gums when teething starts
  • Play mat- to help him learn turning around
  • Tummy time mat- for babies who hate tummy time


Radina xoxo






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  1. Hanin says:

    I’m expecting in 3 months and this article really helped me know what the essentials are, especially when your a new mom as in my case.
    Loved it!

  2. Anita says:

    So helpful!!! Thank you 👍🏼😊

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