Things I learned from my British husband

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Being raised in a post communism times in Bulgaria gave and also took a lot from my generation. In a not so distanced memories we had no Santa, but Father Frosty instead, we had Western treats when someone`​s dad was travelling abroad, we had only two TV channels and we spent summer at grandma`s house instead of summer camps. These are just some of the very few differences I could think of. Fast forward few years later I found myself married to my lovely British husband and these are the few things I learned from my life with him:

  • “What`s for tea?” actual meaning is “What`s for dinner”. One of the very first things I learned and probably my favorite saying
  • Eggs are for breakfast and sandwich is for lunch- we do the exact opposite back home
  • Eating full English breakfast- I always wondered what kind of person can eat all this food for breakfast. I happily will enjoy one now, and even love the black pudding!
  • Eating turkey at Christmas time (plus the 5637291 trimmings that goes with it)- In communist Bulgaria people did not celebrate Christmas as religion was banned. We don`t really have traditional Christmas meal
  • Checking the local weather report before travelling anywhere- just in case of a rainy forecast
  • Sending and receiving of greeting cards- one of my favorite things I learned from Tom is greeting cards! Loads of them on any occasion. Somehow this tradition is lost back home


  • Their tea is the best- with or without milk
  • Adhering to the rules- no one respects the rules more than British
  • Considering root vegetables as a legit salad substitute- no comment!
  • Being overly polite in every eventuality- Addressing taxi drivers and customer care with “Sir” always make me smile.
  • Getting sunburnt instead of getting tanned- factor 50 is essential when exposing even the tiniest bit of skin under the sun
  • British food- From fish and chips and roast dinners  to delicious curries, British cuisine has so much to offer. Tom also introduced me to HP sauce and I don`t know how I lived without it before. Cake is pudding, ice cream is pudding and anything served for dessert is pudding.
  • Pants are called “trousers”, underwear are “pants” and sweaters are “jumpers”


Radina xoxo

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