IKEA Latt kids table makeover

Photo credit: http://www.ikea.com

I`ve been thinking about this DIY from a very long time. I bought the Latt Ikea set some six months ago and since then I`ve been checking hundreds of Pinterest posts. The set in its original state is beautiful. Clean shapes and easy to wash surfaces. It comes for the price of only 99 Dhs and can fit almost any space.

Poppy approves her new set

For the makeover I decided to paint the whole set in light green (Harlequin Green) and to upgrade the table top with some colorful pattern (I found this poppies paper in Boarders for only 15 dhs!). As the set is very small I didn`t need much paint so I opt for the sample size container in Ace Hardware that cost me 49 Dhs. They have huge variety of custom made paints and they even mix the color right in front of your eyes! Since this is my very first project I got myself a small brush and sand paper as well. This makeover is suitable for beginners such as me! I have never painted furniture before and I found it quite easy. You can choose to paint the set before and after assembly. I tried both and I found that to paint the ready set is much easier as long as you use protective tape for the top surfaces.



To start you would need to spread either plastic bag or a sheet on your working space, to avoid the mess. You then sand the wooden parts of the chairs and table. This might sound like a hard work but it`s actually no more than ten minutes for the whole set. Next you wipe the furniture with clean kitchen towel just to make sure all the dust from the sanding is clean and your surface is ready for the first coat of pain. Make sure you paint with small quantity of pain at the time to avoid dripping and ugly marks. Once you are done with your first coat let it dry completely before starting the second one. I waited almost 24 hours as this was recommended for the type of paint I was using. After applying the second layer of paint I let it dry again. When my table was ready I dismantled it to get the top done. I put very small amount of paper glue on the edges of the table and then stuck on the wrapping paper. Using dry towel I made sure there is no wrinkles or bubbles. Then comes the tricky part- applying the contact paper. I admit it took me two trials to get it right as I never applied contact paper before. Start from one of the ends by applying small peace of the paper and gradually continue to the end. Use some kind of credit card to work the paper all the way to remove bubbles and to ensure it`s stuck on to the wrapping paper. Once done cut the paper very close to the edges of the table top and assemble it again. You are ready! Now check the gallery below for step by step pictures.

My next DIY project is the Ikea kids kitchen, so stay tuned for it.

Radina xoxo

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  1. This looks lush! Well done. We’ve bought Tiny one for Christmas.

    1. Thanks! Have you got any makeover in mind for it?

      1. Yes. Planning something rainbow dinosaur themed!

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