My beauty routine (when no other routines are established)


I am turning 30 this year. When I was a teenager I thought 30 is the age when life has already passed and people quietly retire. Little I knew back then. I now look at my 20 something year old self, and wish to go back in time and just give myself a big slap in the face (or maybe not even one). I have done many stupid and immature things in life, but taking care of my skin was never one of them. Since little girl I always struggled with skin allergies. As teenage years stroke, I discovered the world of skin care. Having the standard problems such as spots and blemishes I was doing loads of homemade masks. Fast forward to my twenties I already knew what works and what doesn`t for me. Being able to work and earn my own money I went from the drug store to the more luxurious brands. I probably tried and tested most big names out there. I have few favorites that I will keep buying and will always be part of my skin routine. As a person with many skin allergies my advice is always to test the products before going for the regular size. You can`t imagine how many expensive products I had to give away because they were causing rashes or spots. Fast forward to present day and one child running in the house I no longer indulge myself with home made remedies. I simply don`t have the energy to explain gazillion times that this is not food or it`s not supposed to be spread like butter all over the furniture. So I keep things simple and in jars in our bathroom 🙂 As I go to work every morning I have around 5 minutes to get my face ready for the outside world and this includes the make up routine. The products I have been using are my best friends for many months and even years.



Face wash and make up removal

I never liked using wet wipes or cotton bolls to remove make up or clean my face. I only feel my skin clean if I wash it with water and face soap. I have an  allergy to abrasive cleaning products, so I only use smooth, mousse like, face wash. My current favorite is this Chanel Mousse Douceur. It takes just a pea size of this product to form nice cleaning foam on your face. It`s perfect for make up removing and leaves the skin super soft. I use it twice a day and it is going for months.

IMG-7912Face cream

For the past one year I have been using this Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream. I have tried the gel version of it, but I wasn`t really impressed. The gel left my skin a bit dry and I felt like it isn`t doing it for me. The cream version however is an absolute hit. My skin feels nourished and soft, but not greasy. It gets rid of the dull skin tone and gives me really fresh look when I wake up in the morning (usually at 6 am!).


Face mask

Once every week (or two) I like to use Hydra Zen Anti Stress Mask by Lancome. It`s so great because it is a leave-in mask, meaning I can apply it instead of my cream and sleep with it. The texture is very light, gel-like and it is really pleasant. Lancome was my favorite cosmetic brand for many years, but I am currently favoring Chanel.

I still can`t convert to use separate night or eye cream. I might be wrong, but I always get funny rashes from most of them. I am not sure why, but my completely unprofessional explanation is that the products are strong for my skin. This is why I keep it really simple with only three products! Since I live in the UAE my skin is exposed to the sun all year around and I sometimes get this funny dry bits around my chin, I then rub some coconut oil (straight from my kitchen) for couple of nights and it usually sort me out.




After using Estee Lauder Double Wear for nearly ten years, I accidentally tried this Dior Nude Air Serum. And I have been committed ever since. It is like no other foundation on the market. Its texture is liquid, but almost water like. It is extremely light, yet with good coverage. You literally need couple of drops to cover your entire face and neck. It lasts for ages and is almost invisible on your face. Honestly, it`s phenomenal! It also combines foundation and skin serum in it so it`s a win win.



I have two requirements for my mascaras- not to smudge and to wash easily with water. Trust me if you are a mum you need this in your life! I am currently using Dior Show Iconic and Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara. They are both long lasting, easy to wash and just too good to change!



The blusher is probably my favorite makeup product. I love the pink, orange-y colors as they give me fresh and rested look. Having a toddler of course almost automatically means that all my blushers are crushed to peaces 😀 I currently use three different ones. Benefit, Givenchy and Guerlain.


Eye liner

I love a good eyeliner, but I honestly couldn`t find a good one for many years. Until last month when I bought this Écriture De Chanel. This thing is a game changer. It has a brush and little reservoir that you will put together yourself when buying it. The color is deep black, the brush is precise, it`s long lasting and it washes super easy. I am hooked. I will never give up on this product I think.


Eye shadow

For my daily make up I use this single color eye shadow by Lancome and my all time favorite Estee Lauder duo. You can apply small amount of the product just to give your eyes a little shadow, or be more generous and create sexy smoky look.


Contour stick

Whenever I feel fancy (rather rare these days) I like to give my face a bit of contour  using this Dior Blush Light & Contour Stick. If you like me are fascinated by all the girls skillfully applying contour makeup on their faces like a pro, but are absolute dummy in the whole thing yourself this is the product for you. It has two sides- one with the contour pen (I think it comes in three different colors) and a highlighter. You only need to apply on few sections on your face and blend with nothing but your fingers. Easy right!



I always liked my concealers light. But having many sleepless nights I went on a mission to find a product that will easily eliminates all traces of tiredness. I found all this in this little jar. The brand is probably well known to the Dubai mums- Mikyajy. It is affordable, but with really good quality. It takes very (really tiny) bit of this product to completely cover the dark circles around my eyes. It brightens the face immediately and in general is a good purchase. The only downside is that it tends to build up in the creases of your eyes, which is not ideal. I am still searching for a product that ticks all the boxes.



This Dior primer is super light and not sticky. It gives the skin super radiant look and it has tiny bits of glitter in it. The skin look sun kissed and refreshed. I also apply it around my eye area instead of eye shadows if I am in a rush.


Lip gloss 

I do have several good long lasting lipsticks, but they are not something I would put every day. Instead I love this lip gloss by Lancome. It is extremely long lasting and the color is bright and deep. It will easily stay until the late afternoon without re-applying.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favorite brands in the comments below.

Radina xoxo

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