The big 30 and what to expect


I am 30! I actually had my birthday in July, so I am already over 30! I feel old! And yes, yes I know the age is just a number, but I don`t mean old as in mentally tired, but physically old! I went to two different doctors last week, for two different complains and they both gave me the same diagnosis- you are 30, these things happen! Wait what! Where did this come from?! I was a young twenty something girl just few hours ago (it seemed). How come all of a sudden my age became a diagnosis- twice?! And to avoid sounding negative (although is hard staying positive with this circumstances) I will mention how grateful I feel about having found my big love, building our family and having our gorgeous Poppy. But… being 30 for few months already I can tell you- it sucks. I try to find it hilarious, and overthink the existence of the humans, the purpose of life and just be very grown up about it. But let me tell you a secret- I am no grown up. Inside me lives a little teenage girl, who has no clue what she is doing most of her days. I am winging it big time, most of the time. I might look serious, but I am just trying to figure out life as it goes.

I put a list with all things that changed over the course of few months. The big 30 is not as glamorous  as they promised me on Cosmopolitan!

  1. Get your tweezers with you! All the time!

Although I am pale as a snowflake I start noticing one of these long black hairs growing where I least expect them. They appear randomly and silently. By the time I see it they are already long enough to comb!

2. Your skin isn`t fresh and naturally peachy

This might be the result of me not sleeping like I used to for the past three years. But hey, I used to party a lot. I was out almost every night and almost every night I will ditch my skin routine and go to sleep with full make up on.  On these blissful days I will wake up, shower and my skin was peachy, soft and lovely again. Well in the thirties club things look very different. I  have long skin routine with all kind of expensive cosmetics (because I am an adult now and adults can afford these kind of things), then I relax, and sleep in my comfy bed with no stress. I wake up and my skin has gone older, dryer, flakier….just horrible. My dermatologist said it`s time to meet the Botox and be BFFs.

3. Your body is slowing down (quite fast)

Do you remember when you thought you were “fat” few years ago? Do you wish to be this “fat” again? If your answer is Yes, then you are 30 or more. The times when skipping a meal was equal to fitting in your skinny jeans is long gone. I have to exercise now, but I don`t. Instead I cook and eat and live blissfully chubby.

4. Your complains to the doctors are usually diagnosed with your age

Weird moles, chest pain, back pain, blurred vision, reduced fertility, vitamin deficiency are not just terms. It is your life! Yes that`s right you are now OLD.

5. Hangovers can kill you…or at least it seems that way

Having a long night out, then sleep for a couple of hours before going back to work? Yes this is the life, we can live forever, yolo! Wait a second. You are 30 now, two glasses of vodka equal three days headache and bad mood. You will eventually recover, but at what price! Next time you will rather stay at home than doing this to your self.

6. Your social life is nowhere to be seen

I mean if you don`t count the mums meet up by the kids parks, or the long dreadful supermarket trips with the whole family. Yes, grocery shopping is the new night out when you are 30.

But before you say this isn`t a fair post let me point the good things about this age!

  1. You have very few friends, but they are all you need.
  2. There is no fomo for a party of a concert you might miss
  3. You probably have good stable job that you call career
  4. You cracked your style and feel good about 99% of the items in your wardrobe
  5. People get to listen to you and actually take you seriously
  6. You have cool hobbies and money for them

At the end of the post I hope you smiled and laughed a bit. Life is what it is right? Enjoy the ride as it seems it will only get bumpier 🙂



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