Things I learned from my British husband

Being raised in a post communism times in Bulgaria gave and also took a lot from my generation. In a not so distanced memories we had no Santa, but Father Frosty instead,

The best thing to teach your child

Being a mum has its challenges. For the first year of my daughter`s life I was so determent  to give her the best food, best clothes and best toys. I was raising her from one small bundle to a little toddler. She turned 19 months yesterday

The big checklist for the new mums to be

Shopping and preparing for your baby`s arrival can be so overwhelming. I remember myself making checklists when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. Some of us just like to be prepared…a lot more in advance. Along with speaking with friends I checked countless websites and got the best of it (in my opinion).

Poppy and mummy`s review on Dyson Supersonic

Poppy`s review: I like Dyson Supersonic as the box is easy to open if you have little hands like mine. Once open there are so many accessories to play with. Of course I set my eyes on the big hairdryer first as it has buttons on it and a cord. I like buttons. I like…

11 Signs you are a real Dubai mum

Living in Dubai for more than five years has certainly change the way I think. Being a mum of a Dubai born child has thought me many random things (some of them hilarious).

I just did this thing for the first time in my life!

Have you thought of the things you do on a daily basis? Drinking coffee, going to work, preparing dinner. Now think of all the things you do on a monthly basis- visiting the hairdresser, paying your bills, going to the spa. And now think of the things you do every six months- visiting your gynecologist,…

Mum topics I refuse to debate

Mums around the world love to have an opinion. And say it loud. That`s the reason there are so many mum blogs and also the reason to start mine. We have opinions about almost every single aspect of raising our children. We agree and disagree, but we hardly change our minds. Why is that?!

Back to work? How to cope with being away from your baby

I had everything planned in my head. I would give birth, stay at home for 40 days and then go back to work and send my daughter to the nursery in our office building. Perfect right? And then she was here- the most beautiful thing I ever seen and it was mine! I couldn`t imagine…

12 things you don`t need for your newborn

I started my Must Have list with baby items when I was about half way in my pregnancy. As a first time mum I had no idea what is essential and what isn`t. I had friends who helped me a lot to go through it, but I later realized that I spent money for loads of stuff that I practically never used. Reading blogs of other mums was the key of organizing my shopping list. It was only later I figured that they are all paid to advertised these products, and most of them will turn into dust collectors.