Leaving your child with nanny

Going to work after having a baby is challenging on it`s own, but when you have to leave your child at home with some random person you will require all the strength in the world! Unlike our home countries we rarely have our parents living with us in Dubai, so having a nanny is not…

Matcha pancakes cake

For a long time I was convinced that matcha is not my cup of tea. It was all about one terrible cheesecake we tried few years ago, that totally put me off. The taste was too intense almost seaweed like. Fast forward to couple of months ago we went to the new Japanese shop in…

Starting baby on solid food- all you need to know

Starting baby on solid food usually comes with loads of questions. As is everything related to raising a child for that matter 🙂 As a person who like to spend time in the kitchen I was so excited to make my daughter`​s first portions of real solid food.

Christmas gift ideas for him and her

Some might say it`s too early, some (like me) already started to think about it! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and we are getting ready! I like anything related to Christmas and the month of December. The festive mood, good food, red and green

Things I learned from my British husband

Being raised in a post communism times in Bulgaria gave and also took a lot from my generation. In a not so distanced memories we had no Santa, but Father Frosty instead,

The big checklist for the new mums to be

Shopping and preparing for your baby`s arrival can be so overwhelming. I remember myself making checklists when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. Some of us just like to be prepared…a lot more in advance. Along with speaking with friends I checked countless websites and got the best of it (in my opinion).

DIY simple skirt

Sewing these little skirts is just so much fun. I actually made three of them….in under 1 hour! That`s right! That easy. Since my daughter is just 18 months old I don`t even need much fabric. I used just 10 inches of fabric to make each one of these.

Mum topics I refuse to debate

Mums around the world love to have an opinion. And say it loud. That`s the reason there are so many mum blogs and also the reason to start mine. We have opinions about almost every single aspect of raising our children. We agree and disagree, but we hardly change our minds. Why is that?!