Spooky Halloween party at home

Last weekend we had Poppy`s very first Halloween party at home. It was so much fun to share it with many of her little friends. And even though the majority of them are too small to understand (or even talk for that matter),

Things I learned from my British husband

Being raised in a post communism times in Bulgaria gave and also took a lot from my generation. In a not so distanced memories we had no Santa, but Father Frosty instead,

11 Signs you are a real Dubai mum

Living in Dubai for more than five years has certainly change the way I think. Being a mum of a Dubai born child has thought me many random things (some of them hilarious).

Mum topics I refuse to debate

Mums around the world love to have an opinion. And say it loud. That`s the reason there are so many mum blogs and also the reason to start mine. We have opinions about almost every single aspect of raising our children. We agree and disagree, but we hardly change our minds. Why is that?!

Back to work? How to cope with being away from your baby

I had everything planned in my head. I would give birth, stay at home for 40 days and then go back to work and send my daughter to the nursery in our office building. Perfect right? And then she was here- the most beautiful thing I ever seen and it was mine! I couldn`t imagine…