How to swaddle a baby

Swaddling is probably the easiest thing to do but it can be so beneficial for mum and baby. Wrapping the baby tightly yet comfortably in his first weeks of life helps him to adjust to life outside the womb. Imagine being snuggled for nine months and suddenly everything has changed. By gently tucking in baby’s arms and legs you give the the cosy feel they had in your tummy. Often newborns have trouble self soothing before bedtime and trust me swaddling is as always the answer. You can swaddle from the day they are born to 8 weeks or even longer if the baby is up for it.

There is many kinds of swaddling blankets, but all you need is a big square muslin cloth. I recommend those very thin ones if you live in Dubai.

This is how to swaddle in few steps:

1. You would need a big square shaped muslin cloth

2. Fold the cloth like so to make a triangle shape

3. Place the baby aiming a little bit on the right side. Tuck his hand next to his body and gently wrap the right corner in.

4.Tuck the corner of the swaddle blanket underneath the baby’s back.

5.Pull the bottom corner of the blanket and tuck it nicely on his tummy. Note: my son is a bit bigger for swaddling at the time of this post so disregard the shortage of fabric ☺️

6. Now put his other arm close to his body and wrap the left side. At this point you can adjust the cloth around his neck. You want the neck to be covered but not his face.

7. Your little parcel is ready. Swaddling should be firm enough so the legs and arms are tightly snuggled, but still comfortable enough to breath freely.

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