My favorite baby products

This article might be helpful to anyone who is preparing for a newborn, but doesn’t know where to start and what to shop. In the world of paid advertising is really hard to distinguish who gives you their honest opinion and who has been paid to praise certain products. My post is 100% based on my personal experience and purchases. With my daughter I tried many brands, from the cheapest to the very expensive ones. Somewhere in between you might find what you need. I find it easy to buy things that are available on the local market or can be delivered within a day or two. Always observe if the skin of your baby has any signs of irritation or gets dry. If something unusual occurs then stop the products immediately. With both children I used only Luke warm water to bath them in the first two weeks of their lives. My preferred method of cleaning the baby bum during nappy change is to wash it directly over the sink with a bit of baby soap. It doesn’t take long and it keep the baby clean. I also prefer to wash the baby clothes separately using baby detergent, for at least 6 months. Here it is my favorite baby products:

  1. Pure born wet wipes- superb quality, very thick, and with only three natural ingredients: water, tea tree and coconut preservatives. Totally worth the money and gentle to the delicate baby skin
  2. Pure born nappies- I have totally converted from Pampers to Pure Born. After trying all natural nappies on our market I can guarantee you that only this will not leak, smell or irritate the skin. Very absorbent and reasonably priced.
  3. Persil sensitive gel- I did not do any research, but I love everything about this detergent. The smell is gentle and very baby like. Removes stains and it`s available in almost every supermarket.

4. Mustela shampooing mousse- this is the most gentle hair and body wash I could find. It`s liquid but the pump turns it into soft foam. I use it during the day when changing nappies.

5. Mustela baby oil- not greasy with sweet aroma, this oil is perfect for after bath massage. The good about this product is that it last for months.

6. Little Aurelia sleep time wash- this is a brand that was send a as gift from the UK. It’s organic and no chemicals. The added lavender essential oils help the baby to fall a sleep naturally. I use two pumps into the bath water. This product doesn`t foam.

7. Little Aurelia sleep time massage oil- made entirely with essential oils this non sticky oil great before bed. It relaxes and helps with blood circulation. I use it on Poppy as well.

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